Relax in nature facing the mountain stream in our open-air baths or Kawayu (riverside open-air bath)

Separate large baths for men and women (changes morning and evening)

Japanese cypress open-air bath

Kawayu faces the mountain stream, and is located a little further down from the open-air bath.
Kawayu is popular as a bath from which you can enjoy the colors of the leaves in fall.
Evening: Men
Morning: Women

Cut stone open-air bath

As you go down the stairs you will find Kawayu in a rocky area along the stream.
You can immerse yourself in nature as you experience an onsen like being in the river itself.
Evening: Women
Morning: Men

About Kawayu

Kawayu is a dynamic bath that makes use of the shapes of the rocks along the mountain stream, located further down from the open-air bath.

Immerse yourself in the hot water so that the water level is at the same height as your eyes, and enjoy the onsen while looking out at the splashing water in front of you.
There are no handrails as you enter the bath, so please watch your step.
Also, do not bathe in Kawayu on rainy days, because the river level can rise, making it dangerous.

The large bath is equipped with an indoor bath and an onsen sauna

Please use the indoor bath to wash yourself or warm yourself to the core.

Open-air baths and indoor baths
Four private baths

A round indoor Japanese cypress bath to warm yourself in.

An indoor bath which feels like an open-air bath when you open the window.

A magnificent open-air bath made from rock and cut stone.

An open-air bath full of the warmth of Japanese cypress.

About the four private baths

We have a total of four private baths.
The indoor baths masu-no-yu and maru-no-yu are located at the near side of the long corridor, and the Japanese cypress open-air bath ten-no-yu and stone open-air bath sora-no-yu can be found at the end of the corridor.
Bathing while watching the mountain stream is a wonderful experience.

Okumangan-ji Onsen

Content: Sodium chloride, sulfate, and bicarbonate hot spring
Temperature: 78.8 degrees
Effective for: Neuralgia rheumatism, hemorrhoids, gynecological diseases, motor dysfunction, joint pain, muscle pain, frozen shoulder, diseases of the digestive organs, neuralgia, wounds, bruises, arteriosclerosis, bad circulation