Welcome to Ryokan Fujimoto

Ryokan Fujimoto was created by our previous owner, who was greatly impressed by the nature and landscapes of Tanohara River, upstream of Chikugo River, which flows from Mt. Aso. His desire was to create a place where our valued guests can see, hear, feel, smell and taste the four seasons of this beautiful area.
An onsen (Japanese hot spring) and space offering comfort that has been loved over generations, and cuisine that evokes the feeling of the seasons.
Passing on the traditions of the previous owner, we provide a simple kind of relaxation to our guests, offering the highest commitment to comfort in a nostalgic setting.

With our original kaiseki cuisine,
you can fully savor the many tastes of the season one bite at a time

We carefully prepare delicacies of the season so that you can enjoy a relaxed time of delicious food, sake and conversation.
Your meal starts with a seasonally-themed appetizer, and is followed by cuisine such as horse sashimi and specially selected meats based on our history as an ex-butcher, fresh salted-grilled river fish, and wild vegetable tempura that can only be enjoyed in season.

Our delicious Japanese-style breakfast buffet features our popular steaks, classic horse sashimi, and wild vegetable tempura

We carefully prepare our breakfasts with the hope that our guests will enjoy our generous and balanced servings of local ingredients.
Since the time of our foundation we have been committed to offering our Japanese-style breakfast buffet featuring our broth that warms your heart.

In March 2017, we remodeled four of our Japanese rooms as Japanese/Western-style rooms.

The inn has eight rooms, including the four remodeled rooms, a Japanese/Western-style room with a Japanese cypress onsen, a Japanese/Western-style corner room, and an annex that can sleep up to ten people.
For parties of three or more people, we ask that you lay out your own Japanese futon set for guests not sleeping in the beds.

Share memorable moments with the people important to you in a calm Japanese space

I want to enjoy my onsen without worrying about time! For our guests who want to enjoy their onsen with no time restraints, we recommend our room with its own Japanese cypress onsen.
For guests who wish to spend unhurried time in a large three-generation family group, we have prepared our annex.